You’ve heard of the Temple, either in quiet murmurs or in loud exultation. Perhaps you heard others talking about it in hushed, fearful tones. Maybe you were invited by friends to join a team intent on plundering its riches. Perhaps you learned the stories of the temple when you encountered one of those claiming to worship Him, who whispered tempting promises of gold and adventure to you. It’s possible you were taken to the gates and thrown in, banished from your civilization. Or maybe you were one of the ones He invited specifically. You could be from one of many different worlds, each one as different as the stars in the night sky. Throughout each world he visits, the rumors soon flow:

The Temple of Jing is a place where dreams and nightmares are found.

A place of mirth and madness.

A place where you can find anything your heart desires… as long as you’re willing to gamble something dear to you in return.

But none of that necessarily matters to you now. Because you’ve just discovered, having arrived here, that for all the traps and dangers within the Temple of Jing, the hardest part of the whole adventure is to find a way OUT.

What is the Temple of Jing?

There’s no one answer to that question. On one hand, the Temple of Jing is the domain of an ancient Trickster God, Jing, who legend says has been around as long as time itself. On another level, the temple is an immensely complicated and detailed magical construct that a university of mages could devote their entire lives to studying. Its functions and mechanisms are labyrinthine in design and intent. And yet from another perspective, the Temple of Jing is a place of worship, for the Trickster God Jing to stroke his ego as he watches mortals try to curry his favor. It’s also a Prison, a place where exiles from various planes are banished into, the hopes of their home-worlds being that they will never return. And it’s a playground for a mad god, a battlefield, a home for monsters of all sorts, and a library of magical secrets and divine lore besides.

But perhaps the most important answer is this:

The Temple of Jing is a Dungeon.

The biggest, baddest dungeon out there. A maze of monsters, traps and treasure, risk and reward. And it was designed that way, to serve as entertainment for a trickster in retirement.

Unfortunately, it’s now also a warzone, and you’re caught in the thick of things. And all the loot and secrets in the whole temple are worthless if you can’t return home to enjoy them.

The Temple has ensnared you. Can you find a way to escape?

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