Escape From The Temple of Jing!

Chapter 1: Funorientation

Welcome to the Temple

The game began with the PCs Sresh, Rhys, Oswin, and Revan waking up in a cage, as we all do from time to time. Stripped of thier possessions and finding themselves surrounded by other prisoners, the group met their apparent jailer Thog, who told them that Jing (the powerful god and ruler of the Grand Temple) was dead and a man named Ulrich Von Clevenstien was in charge of the Temple. He also made it clear they were forcefully being recruited into slavery working for Ulrich, before leaving with other adventurers that were seized entering the temple.

The group escaped with the help of a kobold named Rrressa, leading a protean jelly which ate the bars of their cage away. After a short skirmish, the group beat their remaining guards to death and escaped with Rrressa, who took them to the caverns of the Lickspit Kobolds. There they met King Lickabutt XIII, the commander in chief of the Lickspit kobolds. The kobolds were the janitors of the entire temple, but Clevenstien’s invasion had disrupted things, preventing them from doing their job, preventing adventurers from traveling through the temple (Which the Lickspit tribe saw as sacrilidge) and allying with the Kobold’s hated enemies, the Gnashteeth Orcs. Beset by enemies on all sides, the Lickspits needed heroes, so Rrressa went to rescue the adventuers in the hopes that they could liberate the first level of the Grande Temple and free the Kobolds from oppression.

Although the party seemed hesitant, they agreed to cooperate with the Lickspits for the time being. The first thing King Lickabutt tasked them to do was complete the Welcoming Ritual, which would mark them as formally recognised adventurers by Jing and the forces of the Temple itself. This would also apparently make the group more powerful, but the ritual could only be completed within the Entry Chambers of the Temple of Jing, near where the party initially entered the Temple in the first place. To get there, the group was given three options:

- They could take the Kobold Maintance Tunnels there, a fast path straight there, but riddled with traps
- They could talk, trick, or fight their way through Clevenville, a small “Company Town” maintained by the Von Clevenstien army.
- The group could go through the Temple of Light and Shadow, a temple to a forgotten god which was unclaimed by anyone, but had other dangers within it.

They opted to take the path through the Temple of Deep Darkness, led by Rrressa. The group quickly were beset by skeletons, some of whom activated when lights were turned on, some of whom were activated when lights were turned off. They found thier way through the Temple of Deep Darkness, but Rrressa died early on due to a critical failure on Rhy’s part causing Revan to become critically injured and fall unconscious while he was levitating her wounded body. The party left Rrressa’s body behind and kept going deeper into the Temple. There, they met elves, led by Lieffe, a cleric of Correllon, who told them their band was looking for the Sanctuary they heard was hidden somewhere in the Temple. Due to a misunderstanding and less than sparkling diplomacy, hostilities arose, resulting in the death of Lieffe’s wizard companion at the hands of Rhys. At the end of the strife, the group allowed Lieffe and her remaining elven companion, the unconscious Yol, to leave towards parts unknown.

Leaving the Temple of Deep Darkness behind, the group traveled to the Entry Chamber, where they managed to complete the Ritual of Welcoming, while being beset by Giant Spiders. This is where the first two adventures left off.



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