Escape From The Temple of Jing!

Chapter 3: Prelude to Liberation

The Windup

The last session ended with a body hitting the floor. Specifically, the body of Oswin, freshly made a corpse, after being slain by Rhys and Revan. From a distance, Szeth stayed neutral, observing the matter while tending(1) to Bitch Boy. Sadly, Bitch Boy’s died soon after in spite of(2) Szeth’s best ministrations.

After this moment of inter-party bloodshed, the group, now three compared to the five that they had set out to clear The Dungeon with, returned to the Lickspit Kobold’s home caverns. Upon reaching the door they had entered The Dungeon with, however, they found it didn’t lead back to the Kobold’s caverns at all. Rather, it now led to a large, darkened room filled with rows of darkened tubes, flooded with a translucent green goo.

The Magic Mouth greeted them once more, welcoming them to the Meat Market, a place where solitary adventurers who attempted to work through the Temple of Jing by themselves usually ended up, assuming they didn’t die. Due to the death of Oswin, the group was being asked to select a new ally. After some deliberation, they selected a young woman the nameplate on the tube advertised as being from the mythical world of Japan. With Rhys breaking the glass, the group released the Kineticist Masako Kuebara, a Spirit Detective from a distant world. Although initially confused, Masako was informed of the situation she had found herself in, and decided to travel with the group to seek her own goals within the temple. Her purpose? To hunt down 5 criminals who had escaped from her world, powerful entities who fled to the temple to seek an escape from the bonds which sealeda away their power. The catch? She soon discovered that relative to her own world. She’d been gone for ten years…

Cast out of the Meat Market by the Magic Mouth of Jing, the group finally returned to the Lickspit Caverns, where Oswin, Rhys, and Szeth were paid for their services. After some arm-twisting, Rhys even got his hidden reward: a Protien Jelly in a box, which he was also able to hire one of the kobolds to teach him to command. The kobold he hired, an extremely proficient, quiet gent named Mr. Clean, has thus far stuck next to Rhys to teach him the art of Slime Handling. And to impart into him a love of fine and not-so-fine cigars.

The time had finally come for the group to lead the Lickspit Kobolds into battle to liberate the Sanctum of Jing, and take back the Entrance to the Temple of Jing from the forces of Ulrich Von Clevenstien. But not before the group returned to the Temple of Deep Darkness, needing a skull from a Dayseeker Skeleton as a key to the first Vault of Jing, as well as to find the first level Sanctuary, which King Lickabutt told Szeth about as a show of (possible?) good faith. Upon finding the Sanctuary, the group was able to restore Szeth’s clerical powers and with them were fully prepared for the liberation of the Sanctum of Jing. Their plan: To assassinate the leadership core of the Von Clevenstien Occupation forces and alongside their Kobold Allies take down every Gnashteeth Orc that dared stand before them.

The initial fight in the Sanctum was over in a single round. A few orcs standing guard at the entrance the group used to sneak in were surprised by the party, thanks to Revan. The group, when faced with two options, chose to take a path that had been barricaded by a wooden table. This led them into a seemingly abandoned wing of the Sanctum, where corpses of Orcs and Men in equal measure were laid low in a grisley slaughter. Exploring more, the group discovered the source: A hole in the wall, where they found the lair of a horrific monster called a Howler. Using it’s madness inducing cry, it nearly immobilized Rhys and Masako, leaving the party’s fates in the hands of Szeth and Revan. Thankfully, due to the quick thinking of the pair of them, things turned out far better than they could have. The session ended with the Howler dead, and a single Orc staring at the party’s work in surprise and shock.

(1) euthanizing
(2) because of.



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