Legends of the Temple

Rumors about the Grande Temple of Jing are archived here for player reference. Do they have any truth to them? Are they all false? Up to the players to discover! Once the PCs have verified the truth of these rumors, they will be updated as “Busted!” or “True!”, reflecting the validity of them.

There is a rumor that Jing statues shaped in a praying position can be used by a cleric, with a proper tithe, to commune with their patron diety! (True!)

Rumor has it that within the Grande Temple of Jing are places known as Sanctuaries, safe spots within the temple where adventurers can rest, heal, and craft from. But they’re hidden quite well!

Legends say that Jing has personally taken a leg from every single spider in the Grande Temple of Jing. (True!)

Tales tell of the great wealth of Jing, which he sealed away in 10 great Vaults, one upon each of the 10 Grande Levels of his Temple. Each vault is said to contain valuable treasures, powerful relics, and arcane secrets. Each vault is said to be hidden more carefully than the one on the level above it

It’s whispered that the first Vault is located in the Sanctum of Jing.

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More rumors are sure to crop up! Keep your eyes and ears open!

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Legends of the Temple

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