Locations of Note

This page is being used to keep track of noteworthy locations within the Temple of Jing, places that the players may choose to frequent, return to, or just want to remember for some reason. These locations may also just be dangerous places to avoid.

Grande Level 1

- The Spitshine Caverns: Under the control of the Lickspit Kobold Tribe, the Spiteshine caverns are the janitor’s quarters of the entire Temple of Jing. The kobolds, who venerate Jing, have been taught secrets of how to control and tame Protean oozes, which they use to clean most of the temple whenever adventurers are done with it. In addition to this, kobolds of the Lickspit tribe have access to the Kobold Maintance Tunnels, which are deadly, trapped tunnels that these kobolds, and ONLY these kobolds, can travel through to reach every region of the temple safely. The traps get consistantly more dangerous the deeper into the temple you seek to go, but the kobolds can always get where they need to go safely, as long as they don’t take anyone with them. The Lickspit Kobolds charge for their cleaning services, and take most of the gold and wealth they accumulate and tithe it to Jing, whom they venerate. Under the questionable leadership of the morally shifty king Lickabutt the 13th, the tribe has been hidling from Von Clevenstien’s army, and has yet to die out yet. However, it is of great concern to them that Von Clevenstien’s forces have been enslaving adventurers, which they see as sinful to Jing and his wishes.

Also, they loot the corpses of fallen adventurers, so they don’t like their secondary revenue stream being interfered with.

- The Sanctum of Jing: A place mentioned in passing by King Lickabutt and Thog as both “The Digsite” and “The Sanctum of Jing”. Controlled by Von Clevenstien’s forces, supposedly. Also, apparently some kind of holy site maybe?

- The Temple of Deep Darkness: Holy land to a fallen god of darkness, the Temple of Light and Shadow/Deep Darkness became part of the Grande Temple of Jing at some long forgotten point in history. Now filled with skeletons that seem to activate when exposed to light or shadow, it’s still a nasty place filled with undiscovered secrets waiting for the clever and reckless to find.. Rumor has it Jing’s concealed one of his fabled Sanctuaries here, whch the group eventually found after groping about in the darkness enough. Anything that dies here will become one of the temple’s denizens in a process the group has noticed seems disturbingly quick. Or at least, they would. Ever since the party left this place, it seems like the powers that govern this place have gone on walkabout…

- The Meat Market: A room in the Temple that is accessible from any point within it, as long as certain circumstances are met. A party in the temple of jing that has been formally recognised by Jing’s Welcoming Ritual may never

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Locations of Note

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