Non-Player Characters of Note

This page contains a roll of recurring NPCs that might be useful for the players to remember. Check back every now and then, and new NPCs you meet might be added. Allies in the Grande Temple of Jing might be essential to your survival, so it pays to be social instead of slaughtery.

- Rrressa, the First Lickspit Adventurer: (Deceased) CG 1st Level Kobold Rogue: The hero of the Lickspit tribe, Rrressa grew up one of the most talented of the Protean Slime handlers, traveling far and wide in the Temple of Jing to clean exotic regions of it. But she dreamed of more. Studying and practicing what skills she could pick up from outsiders entering the temple before she died, Rrressa aspired to transcend koboldkind’s lot in life and become one of the holy Adventurers that fought and thought their way through the Grande Temple of Jing. When Ulrich Von Clevenstien came to the Temple with his Corporation of Doom, she knew it would mean the end for her people, unless they took drastic action. Breaking the rules of the tribe and defying King Lickabutt the 13th’s orders, she took a Protean Ooze and used it to save a party of adventurers, hoping they could help liberate Grande Level 1 from the forces of Von Clevenstien and their alliance with the Gnashteeth Orcs, the hated enemies of the Lickspits. She dreamed of going with them, gaining Jing’s blessing, and adventuring with them through the whole temple. Other Kobolds told her she was foolish, that she needed to settle down, but Rrressa had a dream that she couldn’t be dissuaded from.

She then died in the Temple of Light and Shadow on Grande Level one, a victim of a noble levitation spell and a sword flung into someone’s chest. Huh. Go figure.

- King Lickabutt XIII: (Alive) ? ?st Level Kobold ?; The king of the Lickspit Kobold tribe. Resplendant in his Paper Crown, garbed in the finest rat leathers his minions can craft, and carrier of the secpter of the Deflating Bladder. When the forces of Von Clevenstien came, his order to hide clearly became the only thing standing in the way of the Lickspit tribe’s annihilation. If you ask him, he’s an genius tactician, a master of intrigue, and a wizened magus.

- Thog Therevald: (Alive) ? ?st Level Human ?; Middle management within Von Clevenstien’s “Adventuring Corporation”, Thog seems to hate the PC culture Von Clevenstien insists upon, hate his job, hate the daily struggle to survive wtihin the Temple of Jing, and quilte possibly hates his own life. It’s difficult to tell! He’s in charge of the forces within Grande Level one of the Temple of Jing. Although his full duties are unclear, the party has overheard his references to a “Digsite” that he apparently oversees. Also unclear is why he continues to work for Ulrich at all. Thog has been described as having passionless, dead fish eyes and black hair. It’s worth noting that he has a gun.

- That One Elven Broad Who Was With Those Kobolds “Cerise”: (Alive) An elvish woman working as a translator for the Lickspit Kobold tribe. Seemed disinterested in the party at first. When she finally gave them her name, she almost said another name, but then decided on “Cerise” on the logic that “it’s a better name than what I was going to give you before.” Seems capable of more than she’s telling, and carries around a thin, long necked lute, as well as wearing leather clothing. Probably a bard or something? Has taken a slight interest in the party recently.

- Bitch Boy: (Deceased) A guy from the same Universe as Oswin, whose most noteworthy accomplishment was sharing the same bed as Rhys for longer than an hour. Murdered by Szeth as an act of silent protest due to Rhys killing Oswin. Died in “The Dungeon” on Level One, whose body then mysteriously vanished when the group’s backs were turned.

- Lieffe and Lyr: (Alive) ? 1st Level Elven Cleric of Correllon Larethen and ? ?st Level Elven ???; Two elves, the remainder of an adventuring party from the Forgotten Realms who came to the temple and got enslaved by Ulrich Von Clevenstien. They snuck away with their friends Ellumi and Yol, and found their way to the Temple of Deep Darkness seeking Sanctuary. Unfortunately, with as poorly equipped as they were, what they found was slaughter and death. Yol died in their initial attempt, and Lyr was rendered unconscious. Lieffe and Ellumi encountered another group of adventurers (the protagonists), but due to a misunderstanding, felt threatened and attempted to attack them. This resulted in the death of Ellumi. The protagonists spared Lieffe’s life, and she took Lyr with her, cursing their names as she departed. The fates of both Elves are currently unknown!

- Mr. Clean: (Deceased) ??? Kobold Janitor. A member of the Lickspit Tribe, who is famed as one of their best and brightest in the avenue of slime handling and janitorial duties. Mr. Clean speaks in a gruff tone of voice, smokes cigars inexplicably, smells like a gas station, and seems to have seen some shit. He’s been all over the Temple of Jing using the Kobold Maintaince Tunnels, or so the kobolds say. Mr. Clean refuses to talk about his past work experiences, and seems to have a morbid disposition that doesn’t flinch at the sight of a room strewn with dead bodies. Currently working for Rhys, who has hired him to teach Rhys how to control Primordial Oozes. A kobold of few words. Was killed by Revan when he betrayed the group to try and side with Ulrich Von Clevenstien’s forces.

- Bishop the Great: Weird vampire half-dragon warrior who fights for and worships Glory itself. Works for Von Clevenstien. What’s this guys’ deal?

- Brian Gall: A human who doesn’t stop laughing. Ever. Possesses weird psychic powers, eats brains, and seems to be working for Von Clevenstien. What’s this guy’s deal?

- Ulrich Von Clevenstien: ? ?st Level ? ???; Warrior Lich, Sunderer of the Seven Oaths, and Bearer of the Hand of Vecna, Ulrich Von Clevenstien is a figure of enormous importance within the Grande Temple of Jing, as anyone who would lead an invasion force probably would be. Hailing from an unknown world, with unknown powers and an army of unknown size, Ulrich’s intent has been said to be to conquer the whole temple of Jing, for his own unknown purposes. The part of those purposes that the party has seen thus far seems to include ambushing any adventurers that would enter the Temple to adventure through it, but there’s probably more to it than just enslavement and demihuman trafficking. Hypothetically very powerful and intelligent, Ulrich and his army are sure to be a for the party no matter how they choose to explore the temple. Ulrich Von Clevenstien is a fair and esteemed business man who seeks to prodynamize the Most Honorable Clevenstonian Exploration Company’s profits while synergizing their corporate philosophy with the harsher realities of the marketplace, all while maintaining top-quality customer and contractor relations. Persisting in posting such slander as listed above will result in legal action. Please cease and desist.

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Non-Player Characters of Note

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