Rolls of the Fallen

This page will be used to keep track of the Player Characters who die, retire, or otherwise fail to escape the Temple of Jing. In other words, PCs who are no longer going to be played are archived here for purposes of honoring the dead.

Except there aren’t any to put up here right now.

Can you keep the Corpse Pile from getting any higher?

- Major Oswin Breaker, the Sundering Alchemist: One of the original four members of the party, a character hailing from the Full Metal Alchemist universe. Oswin went to the Temple, an army of Drachmins on his heels and 3 allies following his lead inside, only to be seperated from all of them. Confronting enslavement, strangers he was forced to rely on, and the Drachmins, he was never detered from his quest to find a way to heal his father. Sadly, due to a difference of opinion on how to fulfill a mission for the King of the Lickspit Kobolds, he was murdered by his ally, Rhys. His body was last seen vanishing in a pit mysteriously.

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Rolls of the Fallen

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